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The Virginia SOAR Program was recognized by  SAMHSA as a Top 10 State in 2021, 2020, 2019 and 2018, recognizing overall approval rates above the national average. 

2020 Initial Approval Rate of 88%!


2019/2020 Virginia SOAR Outcomes

  • 88% of Virginia SOAR applications were approved on the first application (vs. 10-15% of non-SOAR applications*)

  • Virginia SOAR applications were approved in an average of 107 days (vs. 12 months with non-SOAR applications*)

  • Virginia SOAR recouped over $235,000 in retroactive back-pay for Virginia communities


FY2020 Virginia SOAR Outcomes

*Social Security Administration. (2016). Annual Statistical Report on the Social Security Disability Insurance Program, 2016. Retrieved from:

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